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    Roy Baumeister interviewed by Rolf van Dick (CLBO)

    Roy Baumeister is a highly accomplished social psychologist and a prolific researcher and writer in the areas of social rejection and belongingness, sexuality, self-control and self-esteem, motivation and aggression, consciousness and free will. He has authored well over 500 publications, including over 30 books. He earned his Bachelor from Princeton University, his Maters from Duke […]

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    Alice Eagly interviewed by Rolf van Dick

    Alice Eagly is one of the most renowned researchers on the topic of gender and leadership. Alice Eagly is Professor of Psychology and holds the James Padilla Chair of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern University. She has received many awards and prizes, among others the gold medal of the American Psychological Association for her book […]

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    Michael A. West interviewed by Rolf van Dick

    Professor West was born in Wales and has worked in the Welsh coal mines. He studied at the Universities of Swansea and Cardiff, became Professor at Sheffield University and moved to Aston University, Birmingham, in 1998. Michael West served as the dean of Aston Business School for the last six years and in 2011 moved […]

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    Frederick P. Morgeson interviewed by Rolf van Dick

    Frederick P. Morgeson is one of the most renowned researchers on topics such as leadership or work and job design. Fred is Professor of Management and Valade Research Scholar at the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management at Michigan State University. He published in the leading academic journals, is author of a standard test on […]

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