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    About CLBO

    The Center for Leadership and Behavior in Organizations (CLBO) is a practice-oriented research institute of the Goethe-University Frankfurt. Researchers from economy, psychology and sociology are conducting research, lectures and consulting on topics from human resource management in an interdisciplinary way. The CLBO offers participating researchers an inspiring environment, characterized by diversity, cooperative exchange and productive energy.

    The CLBO is focusing on people’s experience and behavior in organizations. We are researching the influencing factors of performance, satisfaction and health; and to do this we work with quantitative data and combine survey methods with experimental research and analysis of corporate data. This enables us to analyze the increasingly complex problems in Human Resource Management using different approaches.

    As a praxis-oriented research institute the CLBO cooperates with numerous partners from the industry. We aim at making the current state of research useful for organizations, politics and public institutions. At the same time, we learn from our partners: Which questions are relevant for them? What experiences have they had in practice? This exchange is very useful for both sides and we are aiming at further promoting it. We are very pleased to talk with you about possibilities for cooperation.

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