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The Center for Leadership and Behavior in Organizations (CLBO) is a practice-oriented research institute of the Goethe-University Frankfurt. Researchers from economy, psychology and sociology are conducting research, lectures and consulting on topics from human resource management in an interdisciplinary way.

Team size must not depend on the costs.

Professor Rolf van Dick on Xing comments on the criteria that should be taken into account when choosing the number of members of a team and about other factors to be considered for team building. The article can be found here.

Leadership Lectures: Visit of Steven Vallas

On January 24 2018, we had the great honor of welcoming Prof. Steven Vallas from the Northeastern University, to the Frankfurt Goethe University for his speech on “Precarious Work – Why Has it Risen? What Does it Mean? And What are Some Alternatives?” This event was organized by the Center for Leadership and Behavior in […]


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