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    Reimelt being interviewed by Prof. Rolf van Dick (CLBO)

    Stephan Reimelt has managed business for General Electric (GE) across Europe since January 2015 and is responsible for their German business. Prior to this Reimelt was responsible for GE’s energy portfolio in Germany. Before starting at GE in September 2011, Reimelt had worked among others as a board member for the large German industrial enterprises […]

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    Sabine Schmittroth being interviewed by Rolf van Dick (CLBO)

    Sabine Schmittroth was born in Bochum, where she did her training to become a banker at the Desdner Bank. She has been working for the Dresdner Bank, and following the merger for the Commerzbank, since 1986. She worked on different levels and in different areas. Among other roles, she was a supervisor and trainer, worked […]

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    Jürgen Fitschen being interviewed by Rolf van Dick

    Jürgen Fitschen was born in Harsefeld, close to Hamburg on 1st September 1948 and completed his High School Diploma in Stade in 1966. After his training to become an international wholesale management assistant he studied Economics in Hamburg. Since 1975 he worked for the Citibank and from 1986for the Deutsche Bank, being head manager for […]

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    Edzard Reuter being interviewed by Rolf van Dick

    As a son of the future mayor of West-Berlin, Edzard Reuter was born in 1928. He first studied mathematics and theoretical physics at the University of Berlin. From 1949 until 1952 he studied law at the Freie Universität Berlin. After his state examination Edzard Reuter started working as a confidential clerk for “Ufa-Berlin”. In 1962 […]

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    Götz W. Werner being interviewed by Rolf van Dick

    Götz Werner was born in 1944 and after becoming a chemist and holding several positions in his parents’ drugstore, as well as in the large drugstore Idro, in 1973 he founded his first own drugstore named “dm” (German abbreviation for “drugstore”). In 1978 ‘dm’ already had more than 100 stores in Germany, in 2011 there […]

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    Jürgen Heraeus being interviewed by Rolf van Dick

    Jürgen Heraeus was born in Hanau in 1936, studied business in Freiburg and Munich and did his PhD in Munich. In 1964 he started working in the family business Heraeus, becoming finance director, and from 1983 held the seat as chairman of the board of management and has been chairman of the supervisory board since […]

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