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    The relation between social identity and test anxiety in university students

    Social identification has been shown to be a protective resource for mental health. In this study, the relationships between social identification and emotional, as well as cognitive symptoms of test anxiety are investigated. Participants were university students diagnosed with test anxiety (N = 108). They completed questionnaires regarding a range of psychopathologic stress symptoms, and their social identification with fellow students and with their study program. Results reveal negative relations between social identification and almost all investigated emotional and cognitive symptoms of test anxiety. Based on this study, interventions could be developed that strengthen the social identity of university students.


    Zwettler, C., Reiß, N., Rohrmann, S., Warnecke, I., Luka-Krausgrill, U. & van Dick, R. (2018). The relation between social identity and exam anxiety in university students. Health Psychology Open, 5, 1-7. https://doi.org/10.1177/2055102918785415

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