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    Daniel Cohn-Bendit was born in 1945 in Montauban in France. He went to a French school, completing his High School Diploma in 1965 atOdenwald-school and began to study sociology in France. In February of 1968 he met Rudi Dutschke and within few months became the speaker and leader of the Parisian student revolutions. Because of these rebellions the French government banished him from the country. He was active in the Frankfurt Sponti-scene and editor and publisher of the leftist magazine “Pflasterstrand”. With Joschka Fischer and others he was engaged in the green-alternative movement, and since 1984 he has been a member of the green party. In 1989 he was honorary federal councillor for multicultural matters. In 1994 he got elected into the European parliament, where he ran alternatively for the German and French green party. Since 2002 he is Co-chairman of the parliament party of Die Grünen/European Free Alliance. For some years he moderated a literature show on Swiss television and was honoured with an honorary doctorate at the University Tilburg. In the interview with Rolf van Dick he talks about his experiences with leadership as the publisher of “Pflasterstrand”, as personnel chef of the green party in the European parliament and as head of the parliament party. He talks about natural authority and his meeting with Rudi Dutschke and Joschka Fischer, and about values.

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