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    Paulus Terwitte was born in 1959 and after finishing school he became a member of the Capuchin order. He studied philosophy and catholic theology in Münster and Graz. In 1984 he was ordained a Deacon and in 1985,Priest. From 1989 on Brother Paulus headed the monastery “zum Mitleben” in Stühlingen and afterwards worked for several years in healthcare chaplaincy in Gera. In 1998 the head of the Capuchin order asked Paulus Terwitte to become a guardian of the Capuchin monastery “Liebfrauen” in Frankfurt on the Main. There he was minister for confession and working for the catholic TV. From 2006 until 2009 Brother Paulus headed the Capuchin monastery Dieburg close to Darmstadt and afterwards worked as representative for charitable and church engagement in the Capuchin monastery until 2010, which means he was responsible for the recruitment of new members to the order. Since November 2010 he has worked again as a guardian of the Capuchin monastery “Liebfrauen”. In 2004, ZDF broadcasted a program about Paulus Terwitte’s life as a pastor in a large city as part of their report “God’s Managers”. He frequently is a guest in talk shows with Anne Will, MaybritIllner or Frank Plassberg. He presents a radio show on HR4 and has his own TV show on Sat 1. Brother Paulus wrote several books, giving guidance to people. In the interview with Rolf van Dick he talks about his personal leadership style, about good and bad leadership, leadership in the church and in the order and about values and role models. He talks about Joachim Gauck and Margot Käßmann, about alcoholism in management and women in leadership positions.

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