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    Wolfgang Schneiderhan was born in 1946 and became an officer cadet of the German Federal Armed Forces in 1966. In 1979 he was promoted and became a major,followed by becoming a major general in 1999. From 2002 until 2009 he was the 14th inspector general of the German Federal Armed Forces, which is the highest-ranking officer in the German Federal Armed Forces. Holding this position for a total of seven years, he has been the longest holding Inspector General so far. He has worked in different positions, among others he served under Berthold von Stauffenberg, son of the assassin of Hitler. Moreover, he was operational sergeant in the headquarter of NATO and managed the planning staff of the defense minister Rudolf Scharping. He was chairman of the soldier aid organization for the German Federal Armed Forces and received many honors. Among others, he received the golden honorary cross of the German Federal Armed Forces, the Legion of Merit of the US-forces, the medal of the French legion of honor and the German national decoration awarded for services to the community. In the interview with Rolf van Dick he talks about his personal leadership style, about leadership in the German Federal Armed Forces, and the role of responsibility, trust and values in Leadership.

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