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    We would like to invite you to the next event hosted by the CLBO: Family-Friendly University Policies in Germany and the USA

    • Presentation and discussion at Goethe University Frankfurt
    • Guest speaker: Professor Heather Hofmeister, Frankfurt, Germany
    • Date: 07. February, 6.30pm – 8.00pm
    • Location: Goethe University Frankfurt, Mertonstraße 17, Raum H 201 A
    There is a lot of discussion in the media and in university administration about family-friendliness of universities. These discussions are taking place on both sides of the Atlantic, and have been for years. In my talk, I present a 20-year overview of the ways Americans are measuring the family-friendliness of their universities, and with what results. Ironically, despite the higher rates of women in science in the USA compared to Germany, and the higher rates of childbirth to academics in the USA compared to Germany, Germans have an enormous family-friendly policy advantage over Americans. We'll discuss what that irony is and what its causes may be. Target audience: The presentation is targeted at an audience of practitioners and scientists in the domain of human resource management and related fields. The event is supported by the Center for Leadership and Behavior in Organizations and free of charge.

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