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    Dario Fo was born in 1926 and is an all-round talent. He is known as a theatre author, who has written more than 70 plays, as a storyteller and as a satirist. He is an actor, a scene-painter, director and composer. For his literary works he received a Noble Prize in 1997. Furthermore, he studied fine arts and has been painting for 70 years, he also studied architecture and worked as an architect for some time. Dario Fo is politically active as a committed artist, and he also actively intervenes in politics. In 2006 he ran for the mayoral election in Milan and received almost one fourth of the votes. In the last Italian election campaign, he supported the party of BeppeGrillo and several times he was touted as a possible candidate for the position of the Italian president. In 1954 he married the actress and political activist Franca Rame who recently died. Together with Franca Rame he ran several theatre ensembles and worked on plays. In the interview about leadership he talks about his personal situation, takes the long way around and thereby shows what a wonderful storyteller he is.

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